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Association of Certified Fraud Examiners -Their home page provides information about the Association, the certification program, sponsored seminars and conferences and excerpts from its monthly magazine.

Auditnet Resource List - From James M. Kaplan, this is one of the most comprehensive lists of available auditing resources on the internet.

Ethics Line - EthicsLine is a toll-free number (800-500-0333) used to anonymously report allegations of ethical violations, fraud, waste, and abuse. Companies like yours subscribe to EthicsLine in order to provide your employees with someone to call if they suspect something is amiss.

Florida Division of Insurance Fraud - The Division of Insurance Fraud investigates all types of insurance fraud crimes.

General Accounting Office - The General Accounting Office is the investigative arm of Congress and is charged with examining matters relating to the receipt and disbursement of public funds.

National Consumers League's National Fraud Information Center - The NFIC was originally established in 1992 by the National Consumers League, the oldest nonprofit consumer organization in the United States, to fight the growing menace of telemarketing fraud by improving prevention and enforcement. Internet Fraud Watch was launched in March of 1996 enabling the NFIC to expand its services to help consumers distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent promotions in cyberspace and route reports of suspected fraud to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

National White Collar Crime Center - The NW3C provides nationwide support services for enforcement agencies involved in the prevention, investigation, and prosecution of high-tech and economic crime.

NSI’s Security Resource Net - The site features industry and product news, computer alerts, travel advisories, a calendar of events and access to an extensive virtual security library.

Forensic Science Technician - This site has a comprehensive list of Forensic Science Degrees and lots of other useful information.

Palo Alto Research Center - This site has some useful programs for analyzing complex problems.